Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What kind of Roommate are you?

Courtney Schoenfeld
Jerkface at Large.

I'll admit it. I am not the best roommate. I really like being alone. I have a hard time being social at home. I used to call my house the "Fortress of Solitude" and it was. My boyfriend has only been inside my house once and that was because he had to pee really badly. (Of course, he came at the WORST possible time since I had been away for the weekend and the cat box needed to be changed BADLY.)

I know that I was the one who wanted and sought a roommate. I admit that I turned down a few people in favor of a person I knew already and because one of the callers wanted to talk a lot and I wasn't looking for a new BFF. I started all of this trouble. I know also that I would be in a bad position if he wasn't there and that overall it's nice to come home and have someone there.

My roommate is really social and has people over all the time. We have a combination of FOUR cats. We each have two cats. He is a nice person for the most part, just really different from me.

Things I do wrong:
  • General crankiness when his friends are over.
  • Spend 90% of my waking hours on my computer with headphones on when I am at home.
  • Perpetually call the house "my house."
  • I never make dinner for him since I never know when he will be home.
  • I communicate often with grunting and nodding.

Things I do right:

  • I do the dishes 90% of the time.
  • I keep my cat box clean for the most part.
  • I am very polite about his cat box and am considering purchasing goggles so I can empty it myself.*
  • I fold his laundry when he forgets it in the dryer.
  • I sweep and mop the flooring when it needs it.
  • I am attempting to communicate more with both positive body language and actual words.
  • I make cookies that are public property as a goodwill gesture.
  • I am polite when I walk into strange situations and do my best to communicate my scheduling.

*He has a Litter Maid, an automatic litter box cleaner. Basically, it scoops the poo into a plastic bin and later you just pick up the bin and take it out. When lifting the bin the plastic edges flip litter and poo into my eyes, even when I am wearing glasses!

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